[REVIEW MOVIE] Eat Drink Man Woman: Delicious delicacies

The name of director Lee probably is now very popular, but if he says his first step, he must mention the movie `` Eat Drink Man Woman '' that soon showed his master's talent. in creating unique stories.

This is definitely a must-watch movie for foodies, especially for those who love Chinese cuisine. Simple, close but extremely delicate and eye-catching, "Men and women cuisine" is like a deliciously delicious table with enough flavors to satisfy every customer.

Movie Drinks Man Woman (Eat Drink Man Woman)

The story revolves around the life of Mr. Chu (played by Lang Hung), a famous old Taipei chef, now retired to care for 3 daughters. Her father has all reached the age of majority and everyone faces many problems: the eldest (seems) lonely husband, the two are too passionate about the job and the youngest is still in school.

Eat Drink Man Woman

Mr. Chu is a quiet old chef who has lost his appetite, but still wants to cook and take care of his children. He often cooks hearty meals every Sunday night for the whole family. Everyday life goes on, in turn, the problems gradually appear as well as appear unexpected changes. Cuisine for Men and Women is a very casual story filled with gout, plus the clever way of opening a button that makes people startled and excited.

Ẩm Thực Nam Nữ

What is the essence of Chinese cuisine is in Men and Women Cuisine

The delicacy and character of traditional Chinese cuisine is unquestionable. In "Cuisine of men and women", many different aspects of that cuisine are presented in a harmonious and natural way. Going from the processing style, to the dishes and emphasizing the profound connection of cuisine and life. It is no exaggeration to say that “Men and women cuisine” has impressive film art and has reached an exemplary level in film expression.

The first and most impressive thing is the cooking segment. From the beginning of the movie, Mr. Chu's meal-making scenes created a strange attraction. It's rare to see footage that can bring such a satisfying feeling. How to choose the angle of the camera and how to change the scene according to the chef's every move.

Ẩm Thực Nam Nữ (Eat Drink Man Woman)

Food is placed in the center of the frame, like the main subject, the main actor of the entire shot. The pace of rapid change slowly and smoothly smoothly with each knife action. Combined with a great blend of both kitchen sounds and traditional Chinese music. A cooking segment is so appealing that you can picture both the heat and the taste of the food being processed.

Not only that, Chinese-specific kitchen techniques are also cleverly included and emphasized in many scenes. From the art of using "slicing tofu" knives to the processing methods of "frying, stir-frying, stir-frying, steaming" all become an important highlight of the kitchen scene.

It can be said that watching the chef's "implementation" of techniques in Male and Female Cuisine makes it easy to think of food documentaries specializing in cuisine, with the elevation of cooking skills into an art. .

Ẩm Thực Nam Nữ

A very important part of the soul of Chinese cuisine is the food. Like the general philosophy of culture, food also follows the principle of balance and complement, like yin and yang. A delicious dish must also balance between flavors, between quality and appearance, and often respect the maximum original flavor of the material. This philosophy is not only expressed indirectly through dishes, it is shaped by lines in "Cuisine of men and women".

“One duck, two dishes. Hot and cold. A perfect balance. That is the traditional philosophy. Food balancing energy, taste and nature ”

In addition, the variety and character is also a culinary element that is brought to the film's banquet table. Mixed meat, roasted duck, stewed chicken or traditional peppercane dish of Taiwan are all favored to stand out. The film keeps on making viewers satisfied and craving because the wonderful tables are extremely delicious.

In any case, cuisine cannot be separated from life. This is even more true in Male and Female Cuisine, when family events are mostly associated with tray of rice. The way the movie selects the dining table as a backdrop for important moves of content is both interesting and humorous.

Ẩm Thực Nam Nữ


The Zhou family's meals at the beginning of the movie are extremely hearty, but no one is happy to enjoy them. Every meal was served as an obligation, the girls were somewhat depressed, even Mr. Chu didn't really appreciate the dishes he had worked so hard to cook. At such times, he cooks just to cook, like a professional cook, not really like a father who cooks for his daughters.

Later, following the process of changing the emotions and love of the girls, the humor is that they always choose to announce it in the middle of the meal. And then hurry

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